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11 Nov








5 Nov

Voicethread is a program that can take a PowerPoint presentation, an image, a video, etc. and turn it into a presentation for you using all the information that you select. This can be very beneficial because I, as a teacher, can use it, as well as my students can use it.  After someone creates a Voicethread, it can be opened up so that the whole class or other classes can comment on the presentation.  This allows for students to have to take up less class time, still allowing for feedback on presentations.  It also allows the teacher to review the presentation over and over again at home for grading purposes.



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30 Oct

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23 Oct

Survey Website

9 Oct

I chose to use a free survey website.  This website allows you to create and share your own personal survey.  After created, people can go and take your survey very easily and the website does all the work for you.  This would be very helpful in education because you could use this as a form of feedback from your students, as well as their parents.  All you have to do is let them know the name of the survey or the link to the survey and they can go online and take the survey very quickly and easy.  This would be a good way of people feeling more comfortable because they know they will remain anonymous.  This will likely create more accurate results and you can use this information to your benefit to improve the classroom.


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30 Sep

http://epnweb.org/player.php?podshow=http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/HistoryPodcast1/~5/m2KAaT_cYQE/Thirty_Years_War.mov&podcast=History Podcast&program=The Thirty Years War Video

The podcast that I decided to listen to/use was one covering the Thirty Years War in history, because I am an AYA-Social Studies major and is Episode 119 of the Podcast of the Education Podcast Network.  The man running the podcast started off by talking about Germany during the Thirty Years War.  The beginning of the war started in Bohemia, which surprised me because I had always thought it was Germany.  Obviously, the war was over religion, just as many were throughout the years.  Germany was divided up into different sovereign nations, all having separate Princes that were ruling over their land.  There were only a few recognized religions but others were growing.  This is where the problem began.  The Catholics were fighting against the Protestants.  Jesuits were campaigning for people to switch to Catholics from Protestants and if you didn’t switch, you would likely be killed.  This is where the idea of propaganda started.  The printing press was used in this war freely for the first time, which was new to me.  It was interesting to know when the print came into play.  This makes this war one of the first well documented wars in history.

Some of the technologies that were discussed were about history and teaching.  The person running the podcast never was named, however it was from the Education Podcast Network.  He talks about this discussion being equal to what you would hear in an advanced European History class.  The moderator of the Podcast uses PowerPoint presentation to show the viewers of the Podcast slides of notes that relate to what he is talking about during the time, which is very helpful.


20 Sep

RSS can be helpful to teachers/educators because you can follow many different people’s and companies blog sites on a daily basis in the same spot so it is less time consuming.

I am using Bloglines.com for my RSS. (www.bloglines.com)

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